Month notes, March 2019

Over the last few weeks, Georgina and Nat have been visiting local Citizens Advice offices across London for a project we’re working on with them. It’s been fantastic to work so closely with their brilliant (and growing) digital team. As a leading consumer advocacy organisation, we believe Citizens Advice will play a critical role in making sure the technologies of the future are publicly accountable, understood and regulated.

Img 1607

An IF and Citizens Advice collaboration (Image: IF, CC-BY).

María, George, David, Ella and I have been working on updating IF’s data permissions catalogue. We curate the catalogue for teams designing interactions for products that use data. It’s used by product teams at Lloyds bank, the UK government and beyond, and is something IF is well-known for.

As part of the updates to the content, we’re adding new patterns which we’ve discovered or created during our recent projects and giving a more detailed assessment of each pattern. Watch this space for updates.

Design Patterns Mockup V2

Here’s what the catalogue looks like now. Changes coming soon (Image: IF, CC-BY).

Dave, Emily and Felix have been working on a tool for monitoring cloud data in verifiable ways. More and more companies are storing sensitive information in the cloud, using platforms like Amazon Web Services. It’s important to ensure that this data is secure, and that any intruder who gets into this system and adds, deletes or changes anything is detected. Watch out for more about this tomorrow.

Over the last month, we’ve shared our work and ideas on various international stages. A few weeks ago, María gave a talk in Zaragoza at an event hosted by the Government of Aragón. She talked about what needs to change for truly accountable services to exist in the future.

And today, Ella is in Vienna, speaking at GovTech Pioneers and arguing that we need a little less conversation, a little more ethical action.

In case you missed our recent blog posts, we’ve written about our work with Barnardo’s and Google AI. And last week Sarah published a post about why looking at data and AI through the lens of safety, rather than security, could open new possibilities for change.

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