Month notes: November

IF turned 3 this weekend! To celebrate how much we’ve grown, we had lunch and then went bowling, which brought the competitive streak out of some of us (ahem, Sarah). We finished up the afternoon in a cosy pub.

Image From I Os 10

If you want to get us a birthday present, we’d like one of these please. IF CC-BY.

This month, we've been working on industry projects, some secret, some which we're going to be writing about soon. We've also been running internal projects to improve our process, which is important to make sure we support the team and keep the standard of our work high as we grow.

Our Understanding Automated Decisions exhibition ran for the first two weeks of November - George wrote about the launch event. We learnt loads from putting it together and really enjoyed being able to show our work, in public, on a 12ft wall!

Uad Launch Event

The joint IF and LSE team at the launch event. IF CC-BY.

In November, people from IF spoke at a Tic Tec local event in Manchester, at Second Home’s Collective City event, and at a DataKind meetup. It’s great that people are talking about the importance of interdisciplinary teams to improve the way technology is built. It’s something we believe in a lot at IF, and it becomes more important as services are automated. Machines can help humans make better decisions, faster - but humans should always have agency over those decisions.

And last week, Felix wrote “Alexa, tell me my secrets”, a blog post about how machine learning systems can leak personal data. It was nice to see that the good people of CogX gave us a bit of love, and that Reuben Binns and Michael Veale -who Felix quoted - retweeted it.

Look out for Felix’s next blog post that will show how to train differentially-private models to protect people’s privacy.

Back in a few weeks for a Christmas special!

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